Your Man In London

My Man In London has been developed by people who live and breathe London. When you use our guide service, we won’t give you a pre-made package, designed in an office far from the city itself. Your Man or Woman in London will design the itinerary, send it to you to discuss, create a final plan and then meet you to take you on your journey.

To be a guide you need to have lived in London for at least 3 years and worked or been actively involved in your main guide category. If a guide organises a walk, it won’t be the company’s route, it will be your guides personal choice in an area they know and love. The real bonus of this is that our guides are encouraged to improvise on the job if the client finds an area of interest. For example, if you decide to go in to a museum or gallery that isn’t on the itinerary, go for it.

Please go ahead and browse the categories on our site and remember we can mix and match them, so if you wanted to watch a show and then go clubbing, we can arrange for a theatre professional that has an active interest in dance music to be your guide.

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